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2nd Verona Expert Meeting Evolving strategies in the management of liver metastases

"Evolving Strategies in the Management of Liver Metastases"

06 lug – 07 lug 2018

Palazzo della Gran Guardia


• Target therapies: sustainability, effectiveness and social impact • Evolution of liver surgery in the new millennium
• Management of LM: Has the future already begun?


• Neoadjuvant treatment of resectable disease, real benefit?
• New predictors of chemotherapy response and of surgical outcomes

• Management of vanishing lesions
• Role of liver resection in patients with extrahepatic disease • Definition of histological margins in liver surgery
• Parenchymal sparing liver resections vs two stage/ALPPS • Role of laparoscopic of liver surgery for CRLM
• What is the optimal approach in multinodular disease?
• Syncronous disease, which timing?

• Liver transplantation of liver metastases: real benefit for unresectable disease?